Why Go Guided

Local Knowledge & Support

Locals guides know and understand the area – where to go and where not to go.

We are part of the community and want to see it thrive. We’ve built networks with other locals to support each other and strengthen the region.

Visiting the area and investing in a guided experience means you are supporting the local economy.

We educate visitors to ensure good stewardship – both in nature and in town.

Going guided turns tourists into invited guests.


Guides have access and, in many cases, exclusive access to natural areas of the Gorge.

We also have priority with parking and admission into partnering businesses and destinations.

Trust & Legitimacy

Collectively, Gorge guides have 340 years of experience in addition to accreditation, permits, equipment and reviews.

We take safety seriously – for our guests, our community and our staff.

Resources & Preparedness

Guides take care of all the set up and have all the gear to make things easy and safe.


This is the main goal.

We have an invested interest in making your experience great.

We believe in the power of play and exploration.

And in shared experience to help build lasting memories and relationships.