Our safety protocols

Customer Procedures For Busses

  1. Post outline of guest requirements in visible locations on ticket booth.
  2. Place tape markings on ground at six foot intervals for customers to wait in line.
  3. Provide sanitized pens to use for credit card signatures.
  4. Place used pen in second cup for sanitizing.
  5. Staff will wear face masks.
  6. Instruct customers that masks are required to participate in tour.
  7. Have hand sanitizer readily available at booth for guests and staff.
  8. Instruct guests on loading and unloading procedures for trolley.
  9. One party to board at a time and take their seats, then board next party to maintain maximum distance on board. Boarding will be through the front entrance.
  10. Only take seats marked as open for seating. Vehicle seats will be clearly marked as to which seats are available.
  11. Upon unloading, have customers unload from back entrance to avoid opposing traffic. Ask guests to not crowd aisles upon unloading.
  12. Contact Manager on Duty for any questions on protocol or requirements.
  13. Instruct guests for loading and unloading for motorcoach.
  14. Follow trolley procedure for loading and seating.
  15. Unload motorcoach through front entrance, asking guests to unload from forward seats first. Remain seated until aisle way is clear for next guest until coach is empty.

Office and Ticket Booth Procedures

  1. Describe procedures as outlined for customer procedures.
  2. Wear mask at all times possible.
  3. Maintain “social distance” with guests and other staff, including drivers. No more than one person allowed in booth at any time.
  4. Contact Manager on Duty for any questions on protocol or requirements.


Driver Procedures

  1. Driver to sanitize high contact surfaces as part of pre-trip.
  2. Have hand sanitizer readily available on vehicle.
  3. Wear mask when not narrating as appropriate.
  4. Upon completion of boarding, welcome guests and outline procedures.
  5. Sanitize boarding area and high touch surfaces after each unloading at attractions.
  6. Sanitize surfaces as part of post-trip procedure.
  7. Toilet area will not be open while COVID-19 situation continues.
  8. Refer to attached Oregon Health Authority “Transit Guidelines” as Addendum A.
  9. Refer to attached Gray Line Worldwide Guidelines as Addendum B.
  10. Each driver will be assigned a headset that is only to be used by that individual. Bring headset with you and take headset from vehicle at end of shift.
  11. Seats will be clearly marked that allow for recommended spacing. Guests are not to occupy seats that are marked as “Not in Use.”
  12. Remind guests that our protocol complies with health standards and is for the safety and benefit of all.